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Here at Ben Davis Chevrolet Buick, our team strives to take the stress out of your next car-buying experience in Auburn, IN. We understand that finding a vehicle that fits the whole family's needs can be a tough task, but we are here to help you get your dream vehicle at a great price. One of the first things our team will do when working with you is to find out what kind of vehicle is best for your specific situation. Whether you need a truck, car, or SUV for your Columbia City, IN adventures, chances are good that you'll find just what you need at our Chevrolet dealership.




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Chevrolet Trucks and Cars for Sale in Auburn, IN

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New Chevrolet Trucks are Ready to Get to Work


Trucks are some of our most popular vehicles at Ben Davis Chevrolet Buick, thanks to their overall versatility. The Colorado is the first vehicle in Chevy's truck lineup and it is great for people that want to become first-time truck owners. The Colorado is a small truck, which means it is more nimble and easier to use around Fort Wayne. For returning truck owners or for people that need a more capable vehicle, the Silverado 1500 is an excellent choice. The Silverado is a standard truck, but it can be had as a heavy-duty model if you plan on doing extensive towing or you have tons of cargo to haul around the Kendallville, NJ area.


Travel Confidently With New Chevrolet Cars


When many people are shopping for a new vehicle, they just need something that will get them to work and back. Commuter cars like the Spark are excellent for these people. The new Chevy Spark is an extremely economical car, and you can get it with tons of features that will make your Angola commute even easier. The Sonic is the Spark's bigger brother and it might be a better option if you are wanting something a bit larger than a subcompact commuter car. The Sonic can come with even more features than the Spark and it has even more cargo room thanks to its overall bigger stature. The Spark and the Sonic are both hatchbacks and not everyone likes that body style. The Chevy Cruze can come as either a sedan or a hatchback and it has much more modern styling than its smaller counterparts. The Cruze can come with tons of options and it has enough room that you can comfortably take passengers on a trip across Auburn.


Chevy also has plenty of sedans available for our new Chevrolet inventory that are focused on giving you the best ride quality possible. The Malibu and the Impala are great options if you want a daily driver that comes with tons of features and that is extremely comfortable when cruising down the highway. If you want something a bit more exciting to spice up your life, the Camaro and the Corvette are great options. The Camaro comes with four seats and can be had at a variety of different performance levels depending on your personal preference. The Corvette, on the other hand, offers a much rawer driving experience and it is recommended for people that have owned a sports car before.


New Chevrolet SUVs Give You Room for Passengers and Packages


Finally, we come to SUVs. The new SUVs from our new and used inventory are especially popular if you need to haul your family around on a consistent basis. The Trax is the smallest SUV in Chevy's lineup and it makes for a great personal commuter vehicle that you can haul friends and family around in occasionally. The Equinox and Blazer are better for dedicated daily family duty. They have much more room and they have nicer interiors. The Traverse is the perfect choice for hauling the family around as long as you don't need to haul any trailers or any additional cargo. The Tahoe is great if you need to combine the performance of a truck with the family capabilities of a full-size SUV, and the Suburban is just a bigger version of the Tahoe with more cargo room.

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