Benefits of Leasing a New Chevrolet

It’s time for a new vehicle, and you’re uncertain as to what you want to buy. You’ve always loved driving Chevrolet vehicles and would like to continue, so what should you buy? The good news is that your options are not as limited as you might think. Buying a used or new vehicle was your only option in the past, and the biggest decision you had to make was what make or model to buy.

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Why Use Your Tax Refund for Your Next Vehicle?


With tax seasons upon, you may be expecting a tax refund. Instead of letting that money slowly disappear in your bank account, you can put it towards your next vehicle. Not only is it satisfying to put your tax refund towards a new or used vehicle, but there are benefits to consider as well. At Ben Davis Chevrolet Buick, we serve Auburn, IN, and beyond by offering the inventory that you need for a high-quality vehicle.

Learn more about why using your tax refund on your next car is an excellent choice.

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Find Your Next New Buick at Ben Davis Chevrolet Buick


For many years Ben Davis Chevrolet Buick has been serving our local community near Fort Wayne. We want to help you find your next new Buick. We have found that those who prefer Buick automobiles are among the most loyal car buyers, we think there are several reasons why your Buick loyalty is best served by our dealership. 

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