Buying or Leasing a Buick or Chevrolet Made Easy at Ben Davis Chevrolet Buick

If you have your eye on an excellent car, crossover, or SUV from Buick or Chevrolet, taking one home has been made easier with our financing options. Special lease deals, incentives, rebates, and financing rates make it the right time to take advantage of savings. Whether you're looking for a luxury Buick SUV or the best in Chevy truck models, you'll find it available for less with Ben Davis Chevrolet Buick in Auburn, IN.

Our online financing tools can help you apply, pre-qualify, estimate your monthly payment, and more. Saving time before you arrive at our dealership can help you focus on finding the best model for your lifestyle.

The Benefits of Buying a Buick or Chevrolet from Ben Davis Chevrolet Buick

Buying your new GM-brand vehicle means that drivers in the Columbia City, IN, area can take advantage of all the benefits that vehicle ownership offers. That can mean special financing rates on an auto loan for well-qualified buyers. For those with credit challenges, it can mean the ability to purchase a new vehicle with affordable monthly payments and an easy approval process. Buying your vehicle also means that you'll be able to drive it as many miles as you'd like without having to worry about mileage concerns or excessive wear and tear.

Another option for our customers that still owe on a previous vehicle is to roll the balance into your new auto loan. Having the freedom of being able to customize your new Buick or Chevrolet and being able to sell it to anyone, gift it to a family member, or donating it to charity are also additional benefits that are afforded with ownership.

Buying your new GM-brand vehicle is an excellent choice if you plan on keeping your vehicle for longer than the average lease term, which is usually around three years. However, many leases can extend for up to five years. Auto loan terms are offered based on the financing company, and the most common terms are around three to seven years in length.

The Many Benefits of Leasing Your New Buick or Chevrolet Vehicle from Us

Leasing your Buick or Chevrolet offers Fort Wayne drivers several unique benefits. The first is a significant saving on your down payment and monthly payment. Since you only pay for the portion of time that you're using your Buick or Chevy, you'll save a considerable amount without having an unnecessarily lengthy obligation. Options for mileage and other considerations make leasing more appealing to a broader audience than ever before. Those with good to excellent credit are the best candidates for leasing a GM-brand vehicle, and our pre-approval tool can help you determine the best course of action.

If you use your vehicle for business purposes around the Kendallville, IN, area, you may qualify for additional tax deductions, as well. Of course, you'll want to check with your attorney or tax professional to determine if this applies to your situation.

Leasing your new Buick or Chevrolet offers you the latest in technology, comfort, safety, and the latest models that are available. With a shorter lease term, you'll be able to upgrade more often, and special loyalty incentives are often given to our devoted customers. It's a great way to stay ahead of the curve while saving money each month.

Taking Advantage of Our Financing Offers

With our current and ongoing promotions, you'll save a great deal of money, whether you decide to buy or lease. Our financing team and sales department work together to provide you with the top service, and we take pride in getting you the best deal possible.

You'll quickly see why so many of our customers from Columbia City, IN, recommend us without hesitation as their favorite place to buy or lease their favorite GM-brand vehicles. See the difference we can make by getting started on our online finance application today!